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ADAC against driving bans

The ADAC sees an end to the discussion about driving bans in view of clean diesel vehicles. But what are the reasons?

The EURO 6 emission standard has made the fundamental discussion obsolete. "If we overshoot the mark with bans, we not only destroy considerable values, but also endanger people's mobility. We should bury the discussions about driving bans or an end to the combustion engine", ADAC Technical President Karsten Schulze explained to the Funke media group.

Schulze also referred to recent investigations by the ADAC, which would confirm that new diesel vehicles with EURO 6d-temp standard "would hardly emit any nitrogen oxides. In general, however, "air pollution control and people's health must be taken seriously in the same breath", Schulze continued.  

As the Federal Motor Transport Authority's (KBA) inventory analyses for the year 2019 show, the number of Euro 6 emission class passenger cars rose by a whopping 25 percent last year to a staggering 15.4 million. This in turn means that for the first time, vehicles with Euro 6 standards have the largest market share in Germany. 

So the discussion is only at the beginning; we are staying on the ball.