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Diesel driving bans for Osnabrück and Hannover?

The organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) is meeting today with several cities for settlement negotiations. Meanwhile, the Euro 5 diesel driving ban would come into effect in Stuttgart today - but there is a problem.

Our first focus is on Lower Saxony. There, the cities of Osnabrück and Hanover are on trial with the DUH for a discussion in Lueneburg. For the DUH the matter is clear: both cities still do not adhere to the limit values. The court assumes that the negotiations will continue beyond today's meeting and directly announces several meeting days. Should the parties mentioned not be able to agree on a legal settlement today, there will be a hearing, a spokesperson for the Higher Administrative Court announced.

Both cities are only concerned with one measuring point in their city centres, but DUH is adamant and insists on adherence to the nitrogen dioxide limit.

Last but not least we come to the tiresome subject of Stuttgart. Years of to and fro are over, because from today the long-discussed diesel driving ban for Euro 5 comes into force - but only on paper.  

The reason for this is quickly identified and embarrassing in the same breath: there is still no signposting indicating the large-scale ban. Similar to last year in Berlin, where signs were also missing to start the driving ban, the ban in Stuttgart can only be implemented once the appropriate signs have been put up. No signs means neither controls nor sanctions - incomprehensible and just another piece in the mosaic of what makes the Stuttgart government appear incapable and haphazard.