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ADFC leads the battle in Düsseldorf

The German Cyclist’s Association (ADFC) wants the city to open more cycling lanes.

A week ago, the Eco Lanes in Düsseldorf were reopened to public transport.  The reason given by the capital of the Land for this measure is that, in times of a coronavirus pandemic, no direct incentives are being created to switch to public transport. According to the WHO, the crowded public transport system is a major source of danger and would exponentially increase the risk of infection. The current awareness in connection with the coronavirus and the many effects on society, on our daily life and on the environment is being used by the ADFC as momentum for itself and its members. The association is therefore proposing to implement additional cycling lanes. This would be a bad signal from the town hall to allow motor vehicles to use reserved lanes. "This is wrong and counterproductive," says Lerke Tyra, ADFC deputy chairwoman, and adds: "In view of the reduced car traffic caused by the closure of public facilities, offices and many shops, many four-lane roads could be equipped with wide and protected wheel lanes. The capital of Colombia (Bogotá) is currently transforming hundreds of kilometres of roads into temporary bicycle lanes, creating spaces suitable for cyclists".  The proposal would fit the current situation perfectly: it would relieve the burden on the underground and suburban railways, people would be exposed to a much lower risk of possible infection and would also be able to do physical activity in the first days of spring.  So, it's a win-win situation for everyone.