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Stuttgart: will the diesel driving ban come this week?

Due to decreasing pollution, the state is pleading in court to suspend the ban on diesel driving, which will take effect on July 1.

In Stuttgart they are trying in all desperation, shortly before the end of the day, to avert the already decided diesel driving ban for Euro 5 - once again.  

The state capital wants to set speed limits of 40 km/h on two affected sections of road if there are several access routes. This speed brake should have the effect of "reducing traffic and thus quickly reducing pollution even further," explained the Ministry of Transport on Friday.  

But that's not all, because the traditional motor city on the Neckar River wants to become a bicycle city and has decided to launch the "Initiative Radentscheid". In the course of this, existing cycle paths will be expanded and signposted more effectively for other road users, because according to the will of Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn (Greens), the bicycle is to account for a quarter of all traffic in the medium term.   

However, it can be assumed that all these initiatives will come too late.

A so-called anti-enforcement action and an application for a temporary injunction filed last week should mean that the state will not have to impose driving bans from 1 July. The Organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), as plaintiff, has the opportunity to comment on this until noon today at 12 noon. However, those who know the DUH and its ambitious unwavering stance so far, know in advance what today's statement in the matter will be.

Too late, Stuttgart!