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With inventive talent against air pollution

In the fight for clean air, new paths are being taken. For a long time now, people have no longer wanted to rely exclusively on environmental zones, driving bans or even the unwelcome eco lanes.

In the course of this, a true pioneering spirit is now increasingly coming to light, some inventions sound absurd, others seem to have potential.  

According to Bloomberg's research, a patent application has been filed by the Dyson company, which at first glance looks like a futuristic vision of a science fiction film. According to the patent application, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer is planning a stereo headset with integrated air filter. The filter cleans the ambient air and feeds the cleaned air to the nose and mouth of the user with the help of a hinged bracket.  

The next example of a portable filter system is a novel facade in Hamburg. The Hanseats are testing a textile as a facade covering that is capable of binding nitrogen oxides from the air. In contrast to Dyson's headphones, however, the textile covering has already been inaugurated by the North German real estate company ECE and is currently being put through its paces. The test object is an office building in the Hanseatic city on a busy route. By the way, the material was developed at the RWTH Aachen University, world-famous for its technical faculty, which is also scientifically supervising and leading the project. 

As always, only time will tell whether the innovations described will become established as standard equipment or whether they will simply be lost as a marginal note in the historical battle for air purity.  

Or as the American author Mark Twain once put it so aptly: people with a new idea are considered to be crackpots until the idea has established itself. 

Well then, let's go!