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Friedrichstraße in the test

It is one of the most famous streets in Germany: Berlin's Friedrichstrasse. Through a pilot project, the shopping street in Mitte will now be car-free for half a year.

Berlin seems to have slowly understood that pious hope for improvement is useless and is acting accordingly. At the moment, there is a lot of discussion about measures to make cities and communities cleaner, including their air. Driving bans, environmental lanes and other models are already in circulation. Now Berlin has decided that Friedrichstrasse in the heart of Berlin will be car-free for half a year from June 2020. The retail trade will be delighted, as the example in Madrid shows. Here the retail trade had the highest concerns about whether a car-free area could cause sales losses: but the reality was quite different, and everyone was satisfied. German environmental activists generally welcome the decision of the Berlin Senate to temporarily ban motor vehicles on the aforementioned route in Berlin.  

This is exactly how urban planning will go in 2020! And even better: several cities want to follow this great example and implement similar measures. Great!