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Denmark: Everything new!

Attention all travelers to Denmark: From 01.07.2020 the EcoSticker will be abolished!

For a long time it was not entirely clear what is in store for all of us with the new rules in Denmark, but now there is certainty. The country itself is keeping a low profile with information on its internet pages: almost impossible, since as a "normal mortal" it's impossible to keep the urgently needed overview.     But Green-Zones knows how to remedy the situation! All necessary information is now available on our Denmark page ecosticker.dk. 

The most important news first: There is no EcoSticker anymore! 
The Danish environmental sticker will be abolished and loses its validity. The complete system of the sticker will be replaced by stricter camera controls. The number plate is recorded, scanned and automatically compared with a database for every vehicle entering the country. This is done for both domestic and foreign vehicles. A similar system is already known from Belgium. In addition to the conversion of the controls, there are also stricter regulations. For example, from July onwards, only buses and trucks with diesel Euro 5 (previously Euro 4) are allowed in the country's four low emission zones (Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen). New are entry rules for vans up to 3.5 tons. These are now also affected by the environmental zones and, if they are diesel-powered, must at least meet Euro 4.  If a bus or truck is registered for the first time before 01.October 2009 and still has a built-in particle filter, it is not automatically recognised by the system and must be registered manually online with the appropriate proof. The same applies to vans registered for the first time before 01.January 2007.
The whole thing can of course be done by us as usual, simply and without complications. Either directly via our Green-Zones App for iOS and Android or on our website ecosticker.dk.  There are general exceptions to the green zones for police, rescue services, military vehicles and recognised old-timers, among others. Individual exemptions can still be made by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency if retrofitting or new purchases are not economically viable.   For the Danish government, there is no alternative to this new type of control and in the same breath it announced further tightening for 2022 and 2025. From 2035, for example, only hybrid vehicles will be allowed on the roads.   Why all this will surely raise some questions. Quite simply: cameras control faster, better and more efficiently. That means more sinners will be caught, which in turn will bring more fines into the coffers. A rascal who only thinks about the environment. 
Will the system find imitators in more countries?