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This is the Berliner Luft

All over the world, cities report that corona and restricted traffic are improving air quality. The list of municipalities is endless and shows, among other things, how much the traffic calms down in times of the virus.

Berlin, on the other hand, cannot confirm this trend, as the latest evaluations from the environmental administration have shown. For example, 17 March of this year is interesting. Up to this day the values were good. After that, the concentration of pollutants such as particulate matter or nitrogen dioxide rose, even though traffic in the capital city was decimated. The reason for this is the decreasing wind, which previously distributed pollutants over a large area.

However, a comparison with the month of April 2019 shows the full extent of the current situation in Berlin. As the upper chart from our Green Zones app nicely illustrates, apart from the carbon dioxide value, which is of course always constant, all others have without exception fallen by double-digit percentage points compared to April a year ago (left screenshot) - unimaginable.

If you would like to see the changes in "your" environmental zone, you can do so comfortably and free of charge with the mentioned app.