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Electric mobility: the future is now!

A new method of charging for electronically powered vehicles and their batteries will undergo several tests in Karlsruhe early next year.

A new charging technology that enables vehicles to charge their batteries while driving is currently being tested on the heart and lungs on the premises of the energy supplier EnBW. An inductive electric coil or charging coil is embedded in the road surface, which can supply energy to the vehicle via magnetic waves if required. This technology was invented by an Israeli company. In Karlsruhe, the futuristic system is being tested on a bus route that will connect EnBW's factory premises with public transport. 

According to the energy supplier, the installation of the contactless charging technology and the construction of bus stops on the factory premises in Baden-Württemberg will be completed this year and made available to EnBW employees. After successful completion of the test phase, nothing would stand in the way of a kind of series production. 

"The construction of the charging line for electric buses is intended to show us what role inductive charging can play in future in offers for our customers," explains EnBW's head of research and development Wolfram Münch. The Karlsruhe location also has a longer history of inductive charging. More than ten years ago, a project group at the university there presented a prototype for motor vehicles whose traction current could be transmitted by wireless transmission. 


If the tests are successful, this novel system would also be a revolution for the logistics and passenger transport sector and of the highest interest, as the Israeli company stated.