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Düsseldorf as the front-runner

The Düsseldorfer is stuck in traffic jams a lot. Actually nothing new, but how long exactly?

In a large metropolis, traffic jams are part of the motorist's attitude to life, whether you like it or not. It's not yet as bad as in Mumbai or Los Angeles, but even in Düsseldorf, the commuter on business spends a lot of his life in traffic jams. According to research by the Westdeutsche Zeitung and a representative analysis by the traffic data provider Inrix, congested roads, landing motorways cost every car driver an average of two days a year. Spending almost 50 hours a year in traffic jams? Awesome! Although road users in the two metropolises in India and the USA mentioned at the beginning can only smile tiredly, this statistical survey is a real knockout. The metropolis on the Lower Rhine is far ahead of NRW, closely followed by the trade fair city of Cologne, which has almost 40 hours a year. 

This puts Düsseldorf in third place nationwide. The lone leader is Germany's southernmost state capital, Munich, with a full 87 hours, followed by Berlin with 66.  

Such figures should give us food for thought and encourage us to urgently reflect on our behaviour. Public transport can help here. 

The air and the environment would be delighted, and apart from that, of course, our nerves of steel.