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Paris is on the right track

Paris was the first French metropolis to introduce a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to reduce traffic-related air pollution. The Paris LEZ restricts access according to the air quality certificate system.

The classification level of a vehicle is based on the EURO emission standard and its fuel type, and currently excludes, for example, diesel passenger cars which do not meet at least the EURO 4 standard. But it will not stop there, however, as these criteria will be gradually tightened up by 2030 to remove combustion engines from the zone. A new analytical study predicts that with the implementation of stricter LEZ access requirements, NOx emissions from passenger cars will fall by 76-87% in 2024 compared to 2016. 
Without the LEZ, it is highly likely that Paris would not see a similar reduction in NOx emissions from cars until 2031-2034. 

Well done, Paris!