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Wiesbaden: Intelligent traffic lights against diesel driving bans

In 2018, the city narrowly avoided a driving ban for diesel drivers. This was only possible with the "Green City Masterplan", which aims to calm and digitalise traffic.

To this end, an environmental lane was introduced on the first ring road, initially from autumn 2020 and with completion in 2021. Only local public transport and bicycles will be allowed to drive there.

But that is not all. Since the high level of pollution - after all, Wiesbaden is the third most congested city in Germany - is still a problem, a series of smart traffic light circuits are now to take care of it. Traffic and environmental data are recorded by sensors and analysed in real time. The traffic lights decide for themselves, depending on the volume of traffic, whether it turns red or green or whether the traffic is diverted by means of dynamic traffic signs.

The project, called "Digi V", with a total of 400 intelligent cameras and 60 environmental sensors, cost the city 30 million euros. A lot of money for the prevention of driving bans. Will the project be successful? A first assessment is probably not expected until 2023. We remain curious.