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What is the Green-Zones App?

The Green-Zones App helps you to avoid huge fines and to keep track of environmental zones and driving bans. And all this without prior registration. Maybe you want to go on holiday privately, or you have a company that crosses several European countries with vans and trucks. There are many things to consider here: Where are the environmental zones? Is your vehicle affected by the rules? And do you perhaps need a sticker or registration before entering?

The Green-Zones app has the answers to all these questions at a glance. The main function of the app is the map, which shows you the different environmental zones with their exact dimensions. If you click on an environmental zone, you get additional information about the type of environmental zone, its size and, for example, information about possible exemptions.

To be able to use the map of the Green-Zones app optimally for your needs, you can first create your own vehicle under "Vehicles". In this way, you personalise the app so that the information relevant to you is displayed. For example, if you create a car with a registration date of 01.05.2021, Euro standard 6 and diesel fuel, the map will then adjust so that you see the environmental zones in either green or red, depending on whether your diesel car is allowed to enter (green) or not (red). If your vehicle already has one or more stickers/registrations, you can of course also add these to your vehicle so that the app can display the environmental zones accordingly. As an example: for the previously created Euro 6 diesel car, the German environmental zones will only be displayed in green if you have also indicated in the app that the vehicle has a green environmental sticker.  Of course, you can also assign special characteristics to your vehicle, such as a classic car or a vehicle for the disabled.

Zones can not only be green or red, but also yellow. This means that there is an advance warning of high air pollution and a driving ban could follow. As a result, the entry status for your vehicle may change. We analyse the air values and check the information from the authorities on a daily basis, and adjust the app accordingly. This means that the entry status of a zone for your vehicle is correct even if a temporary environmental zone is activated for a short time.

If you want more functions in the app, you can add a subscription for motorhomes or trucks, or even activate several vehicles. There is also an address search function, which is particularly helpful if you are driving to new destinations in Europe and want to know in advance whether the respective address is in an environmental zone. You can also add the function "Entry status in the future". This is particularly useful in France, Spain and Switzerland, as you can then recognise advance warnings of temporary low emission zones earlier.

By the way: If you need a new sticker or registration, you can order it directly via the app. So visit the AppStore or GooglePlay Store and download our Green-Zones app. You'll have mastered the European environmental zones in no time at all.