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Vienna city centre becomes car-free

More and more cities are trying to transform their inner cities into traffic-calmed zones. Newest member in the list: the Austrian capital.

The driving ban on motor vehicles, well noticed of course with exceptions for, among other things, delivery traffic and local buses, is as good as certain, as the Kronen-Zeitung reported yesterday. This ban will apply within the city limits of the metropolis, and a final discussion on the further procedure is scheduled for next week. The discussion about a car-free Vienna city centre is not new, but Corona, with all its implications, is now once again fuelling the presumed implementation of the project.

Whether there will be a complete ban on motor vehicles or whether an agreement will be reached on a city centre with reduced traffic is still open at this stage.

However, should the aforementioned meeting next week reach an agreement, the ambitious plans can be expected to be implemented quickly.