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Tyrolean motorcyclist not amused!

Motorcyclists stick together and defend themselves against the new noise protection zone Außerfern in Tyrol.

The Tyrolean traffic councillor is probably just missing the proverbial spit: motorcyclists are currently cancelling their hotel bookings en masse. As we already reported last week, the reason for this is a new driving ban, which excludes two-wheelers with too loud engine noises from traffic - much to the annoyance of the biker community. Many are already talking about arbitrariness and an arrogance of the traffic councillor Ingrid Felipe, who has set the value of 95db, which must not be exceeded. For many two-wheeler enthusiasts a scandal and an unnecessary fiddling by the politicians.  Cancellations do not only follow from directly affected owners of bicycles; also bikers who are below the described value cancel their trip to Tyrol out of solidarity and rebook. Tragic for the hotels and restaurateurs in the region, who have just survived the Corona Lockdown. So now comes the next hammer for the businesses.  Josef Hackl, chairman of the tourism section of the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce, sums up the situation: ""Of course, motorbike traffic in the region has increased greatly in recent decades, but to suddenly ban completely legal, standard motorcycles is incomprehensible to me. Especially in the current situation, where we have to see that tourism and gastronomy in Tyrol gets back to where it was before the Corona crisis. At the moment we need every guest. So from the point of view of the hosts, this measure is completely counterproductive. And motorcyclists in particular have become an important clientele in recent years, spending a lot of money in restaurants and hotels".
However, it is unlikely that the wave of cancellations will make the regional government change its mind. The zone including a detailed map will soon be available free of charge on our Green Zone App.