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Greens demand public transport tax for all!

The situation for Berlin's public transport company (BVG) is serious, because Corona is keeping passengers out.

It's getting tight for the BVG, there is no revenue. Now the Greens, under the leadership of parliamentary group leader Antje Kapek, are bringing an old draft into play, and the headwind is following directly.
For example, the party plans to introduce a mandatory local traffic tax for every inhabitant of Berlin. Alternatively, there would be the possibility of implementing a city toll for motorists. In other metropolises such as New York or London, such toll principles have been firmly anchored in the cityscape and everyday life of the people for years. Could Berlin now follow suit?
Regardless of which of the two models described above comes, if it goes to Kapek, it should first and foremost go quickly.
"We already have a funding gap of 1.9 billion euros at BVG," Kapek told the Berlin-based Tagesspiegel newspaper.
The citizen should now bear the burden? Corona is legally equivalent to force majeure - so why burden the citizens with the costs in addition to the more difficult living conditions caused by Corona?