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Euro-7 already from 2021?

The EU Commission wants to introduce the Euro 7 as standard by 2021.

However, there is already resistance to these plans. For example, representatives of the German mobile industry are demonstratively opposing what they see as an unrealistic and hasty plan.   

"Particularly in view of the corona pandemic and the economic crisis it has triggered, I advise the EU Commission to assess how the economy will emerge from this crisis before considering a possible tightening of measures," a Daimler spokesman told Automobilwoche magazine.  

Many people see this drastic project as a further attempt to regulate the EU and as a brazen attempt to force the way for the electrification of automobile traffic, some even talk about blackmail.  

How realistic the project is in detail cannot be estimated at this stage. So will brand new Euro 6 vehicles be banned in the near future?