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Darmstadt expands controls

Darmstadt is drawing consequences from the mass violations of the driving bans on two of the city's major traffic axes.

Darmstadt has had enough, and not only because of the bad air. Since repeated and repeated violations of existing driving bans have been committed, stricter measures will be taken with immediate effect. As the city has confirmed, there will be suspicion-free checks on the two sections of road (Hügelstr and Heinrichstr).

However, the procedure is already causing displeasure, as random checks are carried out in the form of speed cameras, as is customary for speed checks. In no time at all, this calls to mind concerned citizens who regard this principle as questionable in terms of data protection.
However, the measures now taken to comply with the driving bans are not unfounded, as the city emphasizes. In addition, despite the many violations, the air has already improved, but the city wants to stick to its tough course. Since a 30 km/h speed limit was set up in addition to the driving ban, several violations were detected at once in many cases: motor vehicles were registered that were not allowed to drive at this point due to the diesel regulations, and speeding violations were also sometimes observed at the same time.
How long one would like to drive this strongly restrictive course, the city left unanswered on inquiry so far.