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Bikers demonstrate against driving bans and noise protection zones

In several German cities, motorcyclists demonstrated at the weekend against the new noise protection zones, among other things.

On Saturday, several thousand motorcyclists were on the road in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden, Friedrichshafen, Dresden and Munich to demonstrate in unison against what they consider unrealistic noise limits and extensive Sunday driving bans.

In Munich, the demonstration was banned by the police at short notice on Friday because of safety concerns expressed by the state government. Nevertheless, the bikers decided to form a formation to turn Munich's famous second ring road into a paradise street. Legally unobjectionable, as Corso formations per se are not prohibited by German law.

But just the action in Munich could have been the typical shot in the arm and weakened the negotiating position of the two-wheelers. Many residents and eyewitnesses of the action in Munich now see it paradoxically confirmed that the noise level of the motorcycles was far too loud and disturbing.

Thus, the German biker community has probably cut its own flesh with its demo, which was intended to point out the allegedly unjustified handling of the government towards the entire motorcycle scene.  

Surprisingly, backing is coming from the Ministry of Transportation in Berlin. Minister Andreas Scheuer summarized the current situation: "During the protests, the bikers show their attitude against tightening and bans. That is also my attitude. I will not implement the decisions of the Bundesrat, the upper house of parliament."

According to police reports, around 40,000 bikers have been on the road throughout Germany for demonstration purposes.