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Take it easy in Cologne?

Because of the pandemic, the city of Cologne wants to install Zone 30 within the city centre.

In order to maintain a safety distance of at least 1.50 meters among cyclists, Mayor Henriette Reker (independent) is planning a big shot in Cologne. Soon only 30 kmh will be allowed everywhere in the cathedral city.

In a letter to NRW's transport minister Wüst, the city's mayor explains the revolutionary step that "traffic conditions would have to be straightened out", as quoted by t-online.de. In order to be able to evade in a potential emergency, there would simply be no room. As a cyclist, you would have to take the road, on which "the maximum speed within the built-up area would be limited to 30 kilometres per hour as a matter of principle and without adapting the signs", continues Rekers.

The initiative, including its later implementation, would point the way forward. Will we experience an earthquake-like rethinking of traffic structures in our cities once the epidemic has subsided?