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Ludwigsburg goes on the attack

The air quality in Ludwigsburg is poor; very poor. But the city in Baden-Württemberg does not want to surrender without a fight.

Ludwigsburg is reacting to the underground air quality in some corners of the city with a comprehensive package of measures. The package has it all and shows how serious the city is. It seems to have been understood that an alternative to this package of measures would be a ban on diesel driving. 

So there will be a ban on trucks passing through certain places. It was also agreed that there would be gatehouse traffic lights, speed limits in large parts of the city centre (30 and 40 zones), filter columns and, last but not least, bus lanes. In addition, the bus fleet will be successively "improved" by replacing combustion-engined vehicles with hybrid and electric buses.

Mayor Matthias Knecht explained to the Stuttgarter Nachrichten that the truck ban including the speed limits mentioned above will come into force at the beginning of June.