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Stuttgart driving ban is coming!

The city-wide driving ban for Euro 5 in Stuttgart is legal.

The embarrassing back and forth has finally come to an end. An administrative court decided in the last instance that the constitutionally protected interest of the organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) in the implementation of the complaint outweighed the other interests. However, as the judges explicitly emphasised in their verdict, the state is solely responsible for the further implementation: "The responsibility for this cannot be transferred to the court.As there is still no adequate signposting in Stuttgart indicating the driving ban, it has so far only existed on the proverbial paper. The complete signposting is not expected before September this year.
Jürgen Resch, federal managing director of the DUH, is nevertheless satisfied: "We are happy about the new decision. I call upon the Minister President to act now immediately. Stuttgart must not now come out as a bad loser and must accept reality for better or worse and implement the diesel driving bans that were decided months ago.

Without ifs and buts!