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Düsseldorf - Additional eco lane cancelled!

Exaggerated actionism is seldom a promising strategy to face new circumstances. After several months of discussions in Düsseldorf about eco lanes, it now seems that for the time being there is some calm in the matter.

Recently, the Lord Mayor Geisel had planned to reopen eco lanes in times of Corona for all motor vehicle traffic and, in some places, to open these lanes exclusively for cyclists. Also an installation of another eco lane, this time on the federal highway 46, was under discussion for days.  

But, in keeping with Adenauer and the motto "What do I care about my talk of yesterday", everything is now different: no eco lane on the A46.

So another facet of the discussion about Düsseldorf's unpleasant traffic lanes ends for the time being.  

But anyone who has observed the government of the state capital, including its seemingly headless hammering actions in the traffic sector, over the past few months can be sure that the next embarrassment will not be long in coming.