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Kreuzberg gets first climatic road

In the famous district of Berlin, the first climatic street of the neighbourhood is being built to the great delight of the residents.

Everyone is now familiar with environmental zones, diesel driving bans, eco lanes and noise protection zones. But due to the rising average temperatures with strong heat periods in summer, it can quickly become tropically hot in the house canyons of the big cities. But so-called climate roads are supposed to help make the heat a little more bearable. These road sections will be additionally greened by local residents, which has already contributed significantly to improving the quality of life and microclimate in other cities.  The new plants provide additional shade, which in turn cools down the heated street space. In addition, all road traffic within the climatic streets is excluded. The interesting thing about this is that, in addition to motorised road users, cyclists will also be prohibited from driving in the designated zone. Residents can sponsor trees and bushes, which intensifies the relationship between the individual and the neighbourhood. Newly installed water points, fog showers and the extensive greening of house facades, as in other cities, are also under discussion for Kreuzberg: This is how urban life will be in 2020!

Which neighbourhood will be the next to follow? Will the model be able to assert itself?
Where will there even be room for cars and delivery traffic?