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Holder liable for violation of environmental badge

Anyone who hires out their own vehicle, which does not have an environmental sticker, is liable for any violation of entry restrictions to an environmental zone.

The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court recently dealt with an interesting case.A car owner had lent his car, which did not have a valid environmental badge.
The person who had borrowed the car also promptly drove into a low emission zone. Without the required "green sticker" the car was now parked and a fine was imposed.The owner, in turn, argued in court that he personally did not drive the car on that day and did not park it. But the facts of the case are probably not that simple after all.
The legal fact is that a parked vehicle is also a road user.The fine proceedings were discontinued because the potential driver could not be clearly identified. However, the fees for the unsuccessful driver investigation were charged to the owner.
The owner did not want to accept this, so he filed a complaint against the decision at the Higher Regional Court - and lost.