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Diesel driving bans: Limburg and Offenbach not yet decided

The oral negotiations between the Hessian cities and the German Environmental Aid Organisation (DUH) are on hold for the time being.

At the proverbial last second, the city of Offenbach presented an urgently needed clean air plan, which should save the city from the unpleasant diesel driving bans through the measures it contains (we reported). According to the current state of affairs, a presentation of the oral proceedings would therefore not be appropriate, as a court spokesman confirmed to the news magazine NTV. 
However, should the Senate wish to continue and a concrete date for negotiations be set due to the pandemic, Casa Limburg, comparable to Offenbach in terms of the legal situation, could be negotiated in the same breath. 

Other cities in the region are also threatened with driving bans. In December last year, the Administrative Court in Kassel had already declared nationwide driving bans to be disproportionate, but in return ordered "measures to reduce" them for the entire Main metropolis. In the course of this, Wiesbaden and the DUH agreed on a settlement, but in Darmstadt two main traffic axes were subject to driving bans which are binding for old petrol and diesel cars. 


Are Offenbach and Limburg now finally off the hook? We will see...