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Deutsche Umwelthilfe sues Federal Government

The Organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) is striking a new blow and has filed a lawsuit against the German government.

Corona Lockdown is by no means a reason for DUH to lose sight of its big goal.

Germany is demonstrably violating reduction targets for air pollutants. In this context, DUH is calling for changes to the National Air Pollution Control Programme (NLRP) in order to effectively and safely reduce several air pollutants that are harmful to health.

Federal managing director of the DUH, Jürgen Resch, explains in a press release: "One of the substantial conditions for the health of humans is clean air. But when operators of coal-fired power plants or criminal car manufacturers fear a drop in profits due to the use of available environmental technology, the Federal Government cuddles up. The national clean air programme impressively demonstrates its kneeling before industrial corporations including industrial agriculture. This is negligent especially now, because high levels of air pollution can worsen the course of Covid-19's disease. The programme largely exhausts itself in vague assumptions without specifying a time horizon or fixed responsibilities. With our new lawsuit, we want to force the federal government to finally take effective measures and make them binding".