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Kieler driving bans - bitter resistance of the city

Although judicially decided and ordered, the port city tries everything to prevent driving bans.

Kiel is leaving no stone unturned to prevent the driving bans already in place. In the course of this, the city is now preparing a lawsuit before the Higher Administrative Court in order to circumvent the requirements of the Clean Air Plan. Appeal against a court order in connection with driving bans? There was something... Exactly, even in Stuttgart they fought tooth and nail until the very end - but in vain. Whether Kiel will be successful with this legal move is questionable. According to the organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid), the recently installed fume cupboards, which were supposed to filter the exhaust gases at prominent locations, were not sufficient.
"The air filter systems proposed by the city obviously do not meet the requirements of the court. Therefore, according to the current state of affairs, the ban on older diesel passenger cars driving through the affected section of the road after completion of the construction work appears to be the only measure whose effectiveness has been proven", Environment Minister Albrecht (Greens) clarified.

The Clean Air Plan must be implemented, and Kiel must not follow the example of cities like Stuttgart, where the political representatives have made themselves unbelievable and embarrassed to the bone by their intransigent behaviour. Why don't politicians put the health of their citizens first? What is the point of such tactics?  

Simply incomprehensible and sad at the same time!