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Back and forth in Bonn

The discussion about eco lanes in Bonn is not new. Now a breakthrough seems to be imminent.

Bonn wants to become greener. For months, discussions have been going on in Council committees, proposals have been worked out, which are then discarded again - it's just chaos. That something has to change is clear to everyone involved. For example, a special route for cyclists is as good as safe. Similar to our Dutch neighbours, this "bicycle highway" will be available exclusively for two-wheelers without an engine. In this way, in addition to ensuring safety for cyclists, more commuters might decide to leave their cars and use the bike in return.
But other measures to reduce emissions are also under discussion on the Rhine: eco lanes. That's right, the unpopular traffic model, which is traded elsewhere as an alternative to repression à la driving bans, could soon become a harsh reality in the former capital.
Just a moment! Is the critical view of Düsseldorf too strenuous for those responsible? Or is reality being deliberately ignored here? Since the introduction of the third eco lane in Düsseldorf in autumn, at the latest, nothing more is possible; to the chagrin of most commuters who travel to work by car. The same now in Bonn?

In Bonn, however, the situation described down the Rhine does not seem to be deterrent enough. In view of the threatened driving bans, the environmental track appears to be without alternative.