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All-clear for Osnabrück and Hannover

Before the Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg, an agreement between the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) and the cities of Hanover and Osnabrück is emerging.

As reported yesterday, both cities have a lot at stake, as they are threatened with bans on diesel driving. Too high nitrogen dioxide levels were the reason why DUH recently wanted to sue several cities and municipalities. In many cases, however, the annoying driving bans do not come about, but rather so-called packages of measures are agreed upon.  

According to a court spokeswoman in Hanover, the DUH and the city council have already agreed on a so-called package of measures yesterday, but more precise details are not yet known.   

Biofuel buses, more bicycle lanes or even the eco lane that is formally hated in some cities?
All within the realm of possibility.  

Osnabrück has not yet reached that point. First, the city agreed to send the DUH documents on "the new vehicles planned to improve air quality", the Higher Regional Court confirmed. Among other things, it is about the city's efforts to modernize its bus fleet and to rely more on electric vehicles.  


The two cities will not be the last to be cited by the DUH in court.