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Attention heavy goods vehicles! Brenner motorway closed!

Today, Tuesday, driving bans are in force on the Brenner motorway in Austria and Italy. In Austria the holiday driving ban applies, in Italy they want to avoid traffic jams.

The Austrian bank holidays, 26 October, also has consequences for the Italian part of the Brenner. As there is a ban on driving from midnight to 10 p.m. on public holidays in Austria, it has been decided to impose a ban in Italy as well, as otherwise vehicles would get stuck in traffic jams. On the section between Vipiteno/Sterzing and the Brenner border with Austria, the driving ban in Italy applies to all heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight travelling northwards, from midnight to 10 pm, as in Austria.

A whole range of trucks are exempt from this driving ban, such as transports of slaughter cattle or perishable foodstuffs, necessary journeys for the maintenance of infrastructure, public transport and refuse collection. Also exempt from the driving ban are so-called combined freight journeys by rail and road, which must, however, be reserved with precise details of the vehicle and the journey time.

The Austrian province of Tyrol is particularly affected by transit traffic. This is why the country's strictest environmental zone regulations apply here. You can find out what these are in detail and which sticker you need to drive in Austria in the Green-Zones app.