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Top low emission zones


The Paris environmental zone is one of over 35 zones in France. The city has a special role to play here. Paris as a city, as well as the greater Paris area, has a total of 4 environmental zones with different rules and areas. Some zones are permanent and others temporary.  In the case of the permanent zones, also known as ZPA zones, the French environmental sticker (Certificat qualité de l'air) is always mandatory. The temporary zones are only active when air quality requires it. If an air pollution peak is reached, the zone comes into effect and now the sticker is also compulsory here. This can be done within a very short time.


Berlin is one of about 80 environmental zones in Germany. It was one of the first zones to be launched in 2008 as a green environmental zone. In 2019, a NOx zone, also known as a diesel driving ban zone, was added. A green environmental sticker is required for the green environmental zone. No separate sticker is required for the diesel zone - even though the introduction of the Blue sticker is still being considered. In Germany, due to the high nitrogen oxide levels, diesel driving bans are continuously increasing. In addition, the E-sticker for electric vehicles exists in Germany on a voluntary basis. This provides various benefits in different cities, such as free parking and use of bus lanes with an electric vehicle.


Since January 2018, the Brussels environmental zone has been in place, covering all 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region. Over an area of 161 km2, the driving bans are permanently monitored by so-called ANPR cameras 365 days a year. In order to avoid the penalties, registration is required, as in the other environmental zones in Belgium (Antwerp and Ghent). There is no sticker and nothing has to be stuck to the windscreen. The environmental zone is bordered to the west and north by the E19 European Road and to the east and south by the E40. Both roads are excluded, as are several Park&Ride car parks at the border.


The Vienna environmental zone was adopted on 20 December 2013 by the 52nd Ordinance of the Governor of Vienna. It is one of the first environmental zones established in Austria and started on 01.07.2014. Apart from Vienna, there are other environmental zones in Austria in the areas of Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria and Tyrol. To enter or pass through these zones, you always need one of the six environmental sticker labels, depending on the European standard. However, this only applies to category N vehicles (fiscal cars, vans, trucks). If the Austrian environmental sticker is not available, it can cost up to 2,180 euros.


The Barcelona Low Emission Zone covers 95 km2, within the ring road (Rondas) of the B-10 and B-20 motorways. It is one of 7 zones in Spain at the moment and is permanently valid from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm. Unlike Madrid, Barcelona goes its own way and has introduced a registration system with camera surveillance. The Distintivo Ambiental sticker, which is valid nationwide, is only valid here for vehicles registered in Spain. For foreigners a registration is intended. Other cities still have temporary, i.e. weather-dependent environmental zones, as well as zero-emission zones.


The Copenhagen environmental zone (Miljozone) is the first of the environmental zones established in Denmark. The environmental zone started in 2008 and initially applied only to domestically registered vehicles. The environmental zone mainly concerns the centre of Copenhagen and the municipality of Frederiksberg. In order not to hinder commercial traffic/ferry traffic to and from Copenhagen too much, a transit route from Nordhavnen passes through the environmental zone. In addition to Copenhagen, the registration requirement in Denmark also applies to the environmental zones Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense. An infringement can be punished up to 1,700 euros

Top stickers & registrations

Green environmental sticker

The environmental sticker was introduced on 01.03.2007 and has been mandatory in the German low emission zones for all cars, trucks and buses since 01.01.2008. The sticker was divided into 3 different colours, red, yellow and green, depending on the EURO class. Gradually, the rules of the now more than 80 zones have become stricter, so that in almost all German cities only the entry with the green environmental sticker is allowed. If a sticker is missing, a fine of 80 € is levied. Since 2018, additional diesel driving ban zones have been added, which exclude older diesels from certain routes and areas. Here the green environmental sticker is no longer sufficient. 

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Certificat qualité de l'Air

On 01.07.2016 an environmental sticker with the designation Certificat qualité de l'Air was introduced in France. Since July 2017, all vehicles, including foreign vehicles, entering French low emission zones must have a valid French vignette, which is obligatory for each vehicle category. The vignette can be divided into 6 categories and colours, depending on the year of registration, energy efficiency and vehicle emissions. The Certificat qualité de l'Air is valid in all fixed, permanently valid environmental zones (ZFE/ZCR) and weather-related temporary zones (ZPA/ZPAd). Fines of € 68 - 375 apply for a missing vignette.  

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Enviromental Sticker Austria

In Austria, the environmental sticker has been mandatory for all trucks in the N1-N3 classes since 01.01.2015. The environmental sticker is available in 6 different colours which stand for the respective EURO class.  The available colours from EURO 1 to 6 are black, red, yellow, green, blue and violet. On the sticker the last 6 digits of the chassis number are noted, the vehicle class and fuel type are stamped and a control number is also embossed. The sticker is valid in currently six introduced environmental zones: Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Tyrol and Burgenland. A violation of the environmental sticker obligation can be punished with heavy fines of up to 2,180 euros.

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Registration Brussels

As of 01.01.2018, a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) will apply in Brussels for all 19 municipalities in the region, which requires timely prior registration for entry. The Brussels LEZ is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays. The LEZ regulates the access for the vehicle categories trucks of class N1, buses of class M2, M3 and cars of class M1. In 2022 and 2025 the access authorisations for entering the LEZ will be further tightened. ANPR cameras will be used to monitor compliance with the prescribed rules. For each unregistered vehicle registered outside the Netherlands and Belgium a fine of 150 - 350 € will be imposed.

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On 25.09.2015, the German law for the promotion of electric mobility was passed to equip electric and hybrid vehicles with additional advantages. As a result, domestic e-vehicles (cars registered in Germany) can be given their own special e-license plate. Foreign vehicles (all cars not registered in Germany) can acquire an E-Sticker so that they too can enjoy the benefits and privileges, such as driving in environmental and bus lanes and free parking in Germany.

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Registration Antwerp + Ghent

The Flemish Region has introduced two Low Emission Zones (LEZ), for which a registration for each vehicle type is required before entry. The City of Antwerp designated the entire city centre and part of the Linkeroever district as LEZ on 01.02.2017. Since 01.01.2020, the entire city centre of Ghent has become an LEZ and at the same time a general speed limit of 30 km/h has been set. ANPR cameras are used to monitor compliance with the prescribed rules, which are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  An unregistered vehicle will be fined 150 - 350 €.

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Registration Barcelona

Barcelona is the only Spanish city to have introduced a registration system with camera surveillance, which has been mandatory for foreigners since 2020. The Distintivo-Ambiental sticker, which is valid nationwide, only applies here to vehicles registered in Spain. The registration must be carried out for all vehicle categories. Cameras are positioned at numerous points in the low emission zones and scan each vehicle fully automatically. The number plate is recorded and compared with a database. If the comparison reveals that the vehicle should not have been driven, a fine of 200 - 1800 € must be paid.

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Registration Denmark

A registration in Denmark is required since 01 July 2020 and is used to enter the low emission zones Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense in Denmark. Cameras are positioned at numerous points in the low emission zones and scan each vehicle fully automatically. The number plate is recorded and compared with a database. If the comparison reveals that the vehicle should not have been driven, a fine of up to €1700 must be paid. This applies both to vehicles registered in Denmark and abroad.

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Green Zones app

The Green Zones app helps you to keep track of things. With over 200 low emission zones in Europe you have everything at a glance. Where are there driving bans? Am I affected? When can I drive in and when not? What kind of fines do I face? Is my hotel in a low emission zone? Where can I still drive in with my old vehicle? How is the air quality in my city? You can see all this and much more in the Green Zones app, personalized for your vehicle.

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