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Maps, rules and status of access rights of an environmental zone

The maps of the environmental zones
Every Green-Zones user Environmental zoneson the web and in the free Green-Zones app has unlimited access to any map, can identify the borders of the zone and view all the details of an environmental zone using the zoom function.

The rules of the environmental zones
Each environmental zone in Europe has more or less complex rules for different types of vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks, campers, vintage cars, disabled vehicles, rental cars, etc. Furthermore, environmental zones have rules regarding their validity: weekdays and hours, public holidays and exemptions.
In addition, there are planned changes concerning the extension of the area, the tightening of access regulations in the near and distant future, as well as general and specific driving bans for certain vehicle categories, or fines for infringement of rules. For cars and lightweight vehicles, these rules are visible in the Green-Zones App; for buses, trucks and other fleets in the Green-Zones Fleet-App.

The status of access rights to an environmental zone
The right of access to an environmental zone depends on the characteristics of the vehicle (sometimes more than 20), which can also be linked to exemptions. In any case, the local authorities can temporarily close a zone and restrict access to certain vehicles, with or without warnings, due to a high concentration of particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone in the air.

The current status of access rights in real-time and, if necessary, for the next day is not visible to the user on the web but only in the Green-Zones App (for cars and light vehicles) and in the Green-Zones Fleet-App (for buses/trucks).