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Who uses the Green-Zones information offers? Which ones and how?

The borders and rules of the environmental and diesel driving ban zones in Europe are complex and often linked to weather conditions and air values. This can lead to traffic restrictions or not, depending on the vehicle type. Here you can find more about the Green-Zones data related to maps, rules, status of access rights for environmental zones. Find below which vehicle types and user groups can use the Green-Zones information offers and in which way.

Tourists and private travellers by car
Tourists and private travellers by car have access to all maps of the environmental zones in Europe and all relevant rules. However, the visibility of these rules for this online user group is limited: only some information on the rules of an environmental zone is available. On the other hand, in the free Green-Zones App, all rules are visible and available free of charge for tourists and private travellers by car.

Bus and transport companies/fleet companies
Drivers of buses, trucks, light commercial vehicles, cars belonging to a company fleet, as well as special vehicles are professional users and need more detailed and up-to-date data, partly in real-time.
For these freight forwarders, bus companies and other fleet companies facing considerable risks in the environmental zones due to driving bans and weather-related traffic restrictions, Green-Zones provides a solution in a special Fleet-App, perfectly adapted to the needs of these companies to manage their fleet of vehicles.
This means that for the corresponding vehicle types (N1-N3, M2-M3), no rules are visible on the web or in the free Green-Zones app, but only in the fee-based Green-Zones Fleet-App. Flyer for download.

Vintage cars and campers in the individual traffic
Drivers of vintage cars and campers have special needs that go beyond those of tourists by car and private travellers. For these users, who can benefit from exemptions in many zones, Green-Zones makes a special offer for a fee in its Green-Zones App, which allows full access to the relevant information by subscribing for a limited amount of time.