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ZMPD - Association of International Transport Companies in Poland. The ZMPD is the largest Polish association of the transport industry and has been in existence since 1957, uniting about 4,000 transport companies engaged in international road transport. The main goal of the association is to support and inform its members ...



The Federal Association of Courier-Express-Post-Services e.V. in Germany, BdKEP, advocates harmonisation in the logistics sector. Driving, rest and working times should be regulated uniformly in Europe. The BdKEP advocates non-discriminatory access for small and medium-sized courier, express and postal companies...



Bundesverband Deutscher Omnibusunternehmer e.V. - The Bundesverband Deutscher Omnibusunternehmer (bdo) is the umbrella organisation of the German bus industry and represents the interests of private and medium-sized companies from the local public transport, bus tourism and long-distance bus sectors vis-à-vis politicians and the public.



RDA International Bus Tourism Association e.V. - The promotion of environmentally friendly modern bus and group tourism is the main objective of the RDA's political commitment. Through active lobbying and close contacts with decision-makers in politics and business at national and international level, the RDA represents the interests of international coach and group tourism.


Górnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Przewoźników Drogowych (GSPD) is the Upper Silesian Association of Road Transport Enterprises and an organisation that seeks synergies for these entrepreneurs, mainly in the Upper Silesia region. The successful cooperation with the Polish LOTOS Group is of particular importance...


Dolnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Przewoźników Międzynarodowych (DSPM, Lower Silesian Association of International Road Carriers) is an organisation that brings together entrepreneurs mainly from the Lower Silesia region and promotes not only the "legal awareness" of the carriers but also the companies...


Polska Unia Transportu - The Polish Association of Transport Companies supports the development of the competitiveness of the Polish transport industry and connects the national and international transport sector through common goals. The association informs its members about the activities and regulations of the transport industry...


International Package Association - The VPR is an association of currently 118 tourism service providers, including well-known package and service providers in the travel segment of coach and group tourism, who are dedicated to strengthening and marketing group travel and own events. Package tour operators, also known as "Paketer", are the full members of the association.



The service company E100 is known not only for its fuel card, but also for its reliable and effective solutions, with which fleets save time and money, especially through discounts. The E100 network comprises some 12,000 service stations in 32 countries around the world, covering some 14,000 road kilometres...