Low emission zone Breda


Breda has an environmental zone: Breda

Name of the environmental zone: Environmental zone Breda - Netherlands

Date of entry into effect of the zone: 15-02-2019

Type of environmental zone

Not allowed to drive (temporarily): Information currently unavailable

Not allowed to drive (permanently): Vehicle class: truck (N2, N3)
Weight: > 3.5 t
Fuel type: diesel
Euro standard: 0-3

Fines: 95 €

Area/extension of the environmental zone: The environmental zone is limited by the roads: Oranjesingel, Delpratsingel, Academiesingel, Tramsingel, Vredenburchsingel, Boeimeersingel, Wilhelminasingel.

Special features: Retrofitting permitted : yes (particulate matter)

Contact of the environmental zone and exceptions: Municipality of Breda, P.O. Box 90156, 4800 RH Breda, Phone: +31 76 529 30 01

Exemptions: Information currently unavailable

Low Emission Zone

Do I need stickers or registrations?

No. Here you do not need to buy a sticker or apply for registration. You only have to follow the rules of entry.

Our Green-Zones App helps you to avoid penalties.

Unfortunately there are no exact street signs known. Therefore it is difficult to know when you are in the environmental zone.

Our Green-Zones App helps you to avoid penalties.

Good to know...

All current driving bans and further information are available in our Green-Zones App.