The Perfect Gift! – All the European Badges and Vignettes in one Pack of Cards

The Perfect Gift – Not only for Christmas!
All the European badges and vignettes and their corresponding traffic signs for environmental zones in one pack of cards. A must for transport companies, bus companies and car drivers in Europe!
The pack of cards is directed to all people who want to discover more about environmental zones, circulation bans, badges and vignettes, air quality and environmental protection in a ludic manner. Therefore, we show on the cards the different badges of the different European countries and what air pollutants they are fighting. This pack of 32 cards plus  can be used to play learning quartet games for kids, play poker or almost any other card games.
On every each card, you will find:

•    The country where the badge is mandatory
•    The name of the badge
•    The type of emission reduction
•    The authorised EURO norms
•    The date of the national introduction
•    The vehicles concerned
•    The amount of the legal financial penalties

The pack of cards costs 9, 95 € incl. VAT and incl. 1, 45 € for packing and delivery within Germany.
By purchasing 2 packs you will pay 17, 90 €, by purchasing 3 you will pay 24, 90 € and by purchasing 4*, only 29, 90 €. In case of a delivery outside of Germany, supplement of 4, 50 € will be charged for the postal charges.

*Price for bigger orders on demand


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