Since 2010 – The CO2 Sticker in Europe

Driving motor vehicles causes a majority of particulate matter, NOx and CO2 emissions in Europe. The reduction of particulate matter and NOx is possible through better technical solutions from the manufacturer and is governed by increasingly national legislature by respective environmental or nitrogen oxide badges. CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming, are likely in the long term much more burdensome.

In today's era of mobility, it is only partly possible to do without a car. An economical driving style and fuel-efficient vehicles can avoid some of the emissions.
For the inevitable remainder of the emissions Climate Company offers car drivers the opportunity to make a voluntary CO2 compensation with environmental badge to the recommendations of the Environment Agency for a final classification of the amount of CO2 of the respective cars.

The three classes of the CO2-Badge/ Environmental-Badge are the colours green, yellow and red. They are based on the CO2 emissions per km and are primarily intended for voluntary compensation of car that meet the three stages: to 130 g CO2 / km, to 182 g CO2 / km and to 257 g CO2 / km. This generally corresponds to a diesel or petrol consumption of a car mileage of 5-5.5 l (green) 7-7.6 l (yellow) and 9.9 to 10.7 l (red) to 100 km.