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Bus companies, group tourism providers, travel portals and their associations

In addition to information on environmental zones and environmental badges, bus companies, group tour operators, group travel portals and their associations generally require additional information on the use of open capacities, bus rental companies and manufacturers, leisure and experience providers, internet agencies, hotel and catering industry and many other sectors and service providers that are necessary for a complete range of tourism services.

For this reason, Green-Zones provides the following overview of the relevant associations and partners with whom an agreement has been made for the exchange of information of such type.
This allows bus operators, group tour operators and package specialist tour operators to quickly and effectively obtain an overview and access to the required products and services by means of a direct contact with an eligible association.

The Bundesverband Deutscher Omnibusunternehmer e.V. – The Bundesverband Deutscher Omnibusunternehmer (bdo) is the umbrella organisation of the German bus industry and represents the interests of private and medium-sized companies in the field of local public transport, bus tourism and long-distance travel to politicians and the general public.

RDA Internationaler Bustouristik Verband e.V. – The promotion of environmentally friendly modern bus and group tourism is the main objective of the political engagement of the RDA. With active lobbying and close contacts to decision-makers from politics and business at national and international level, the RDA represents the interests of international bus and group tourism.

Internationaler Verband der Paketer (VPR) -  The VPR is an association of currently 118 tourism service providers, including well-known package tour operators and service providers in the bus and group tourism sector, dedicated to the strengthening and distribution of group tour operators and their own events. Package tour operators are ordinary members of the association.

EACT European Alliance for Coach Tourism – The aim of this European association is to increase the effectiveness of the representation of the political interests of the bus sector at European level, to hinder and review fiscal, administrative and discriminatory burdens and measures directly affecting the bus tourism, and to improve the image of the bus industry in the media.