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Software solutions and fleet management in vehicles and for dispatchers

In addition to information on environmental zones and environmental badges, freight forwarding companies, bus companies, courier companies and vehicle fleets of larger companies in Europe generally also require fleet management. These can be different hardware components in the vehicle cockpit, which are controlled via a decentralised or centralised software solution and/or communicate with a fleet management application with a server at the company headquarters.
In the company’s fleet management almost all important components for the effective operation of the vehicle can be displayed. These include route-guidance, the display of repair and maintenance intervals, an electronic logbook, a toll road and toll cost management system, a rest period management, a fuel, maintenance and repair costs management and many other modules.

For this reason, Green-Zones provides the following overview of the relevant partners with whom an agreement has been made for the exchange of information on a holistic solution in fleet management, which in times of diesel driving bans and increasing environmental zones have included the corresponding maps and rules of the environmental zones in their software solution.

More to come soon.