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Freight forwarding companies, freight providers and their regional and national associations

In addition to information on environmental zones and environmental badges, freight forwarding companies, logistic service providers, courier companies and other freight forwarders travelling on the European roads as well as their associations generally require precise maps of the environmental zones as well as reliable information on the current entry status of an environmental zone.
The weather-dependent environmental zones set up in more and more countries lead to high risks for freight forwarders, as in addition to high fines, there is also a threat of a complete and permanent ban on entering the zone if the weather conditions do not change.

For this reason, Green-Zones provides the following overview to potential freight forwarding companies of the relevant partners with whom an agreement has been made for the exchange of information in order to avoid the greatest risks. In particular, the partners obtain real-time information on the entry status of the zones and user agreements for the Green-Zones fleet app are concluded, largely eliminating the risk that the freight forwarder’s cargo will not reach its destination.

More to come soon.