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Green-Zones.eu Fleet Service Freight exchanges and brokers

Freight exchanges, freight brokers, online freight brokers

Freight exchanges, freight brokers and online freight brokers offer freight forwarders and other transport companies the possibility of optimising their transport capacities on the roads of Europe.
The opportunities available on the marketplace are becoming more and more diverse and, above all, more and more digital in their application. Freight brokerage portals, freight exchanges, specialised brokers and other marketers of transport capacities position themselves on the internet and offer their various services on one hand to carriers and on the other hand to clients.
Freight forwarders working with freight exchanges and brokers have the opportunity to find out about environmental zones, diesel driving bans and environmental badges in Europe via their portals. This gives freight forwarders increased security that their cargo will reach its destination on time and will not be stopped at the beginning due to a suddenly activated environmental zone.

For this reason, Green-Zones provides the following overview of the relevant partners of freight exchanges, freight brokerage marketplaces and other freight brokers with whom an agreement has been made for the exchange of real-time information.

More to come soon.