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Problem solution for fleets in Europe Diesel driving ban zones and environmental zones

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The new Green-Zones Fleet App for trucks, buses and company fleets supports freight forwarders, bus companies and other fleet companies in overcoming the challenges of dealing with the rules and borders of the European environmental zones, avoiding high fines and planning the routes of their vehicle fleets for possible entry into partially closed zones.
The functions of the Fleet App are based on the representation of the exact outlines of the European environmental zones in a uniform KML format as a polygon. The maps are interactively zoomable down to the level of each crossroad with an environmental zone.

Left: Overview of existing badges per vehicle in the vehicle fleet. Right: Entry access rights to European environmental zones for each vehicle in real-time

For each environmental zone, the national and local rules relevant to the vehicle type and the Euro standard of each vehicle are listed. In relation to the national and local rules of a zone with the respective vehicle types and environmental zone maps, a real-time entry status is shown for the requested vehicle from a vehicle fleet. The result is displayed as a coloured zone (point),  whether the entry is allowed (green) or prohibited (red). In addition, a further colour orange indicates whether the entry is still allowed but a driving ban is likely to be imposed the next day or in the near future.

Allowed entries

The basis of these real-time information and forecasts for the next day is the daily import of newsletters from local environmental authorities in various European environmental zones in order to determine the entry access rights for the following day as well as the display of temporary driving bans imposed by official authorities on the next day in an environmental zone.

Furthermore, the Fleet App offers an easy way to order all European environmental badges and vignettes, enabling fleet companies to order effectively.

The Green-Zones Fleet App for Android and iOS runs on the smartphone and tablet. It is available in 9 languages and is suitable for managing up to 750 vehicles on up to 250 installed devices.

All individual functions of the Green-Zones Fleet App are available here in detail. Information about the versions and the prices of the Fleet App can be found here.
A summary of the most important facts about the Fleet App can be found on our Fleet App Flyer.