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The risks for fleets in European diesel driving ban zones and environmental zones

Diesel driving bans and environmental zones are a new risk for fleets
The challenges faced by commercial and logistics traffic, as well as by tourist bus traffic and public transport in Europe are increasing. When, where and how, what kind of environmental zones have been established in Europe and in which cities, which rules must be observed when entering?
Even if the driver knows all the rules and has the appropriate environmental badge, he cannot be sure that he will be allowed to enter the environmental zone. In more and more countries, weather-related tightening of entry and passage rules makes it almost impossible to plan a route, as an increasing number of highways in Europe are affected. As a consequence, some types of environmental zones make it almost unpredicatable as to whether and when the destinations of a journey will be reached.
For this reason, Green-Zones has found a solution to the problems of the vehicle fleets which is available in three different versions.

Risks for freight forwarders and courier vehicles
For freight forwarders and courier vehicles, an unplanned delay or even the blocking of a temporary environmental zone for days represents an enormous risk, as very high fines are sometimes imposed and the continuation of the journey can either be delayed or completely open due to weather conditions.
In addition to drastic penalties such as the confiscation of vehicles, extremely unpleasant side effects can also occur, for example the cancellation of the cargo insurance or the loss of a customer relationship built up over the years.

Risks for service buses and bus companies
The increasing number of environmental zones in cities, municipalities and highways represent an even greater challenge for international service buses and bus companies when organising package tours.
This is especially the case when the participants of travel groups do not reach their hotel in time or not at all, and completely new claims for damages can be made against the tour operator.