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Green-Zones.eu Fleet Service

The Green-Zones services on environmental zones, environmental badges, transport, road tolls, refuelling and rest areas/hotels

The Green-Zones services on environmental zones and environmental badges
Green-Zones is the central European information portal for all environmental zones, entry restrictions and diesel driving bans in Europe and provides an overview of the necessary environmental badges in the respective countries.
The affected vehicle fleets such as freight forwarders, bus companies, courier services and tourist traffic, can obtain comprehensive information on the individual rules of the zone and badges, use the maps of the environmental zones on the web or in the free Green-Zones App as well as purchase all badges in a central shop.

The services of our partners for tolls, refuelling, hotels and transport orders
Vehicle fleet companies and private transport companies not only need to be informed about environmental zones and their badges, but also about refuelling, resting places, accomodation facilities and road tolls. In addition, freight forwarders and bus companies search for and offer freight orders and tourist transport services.

In close cooperation with its partners, Green-Zones therefore provides information on toll systems in Europe and toll collection service providers, refuelling in Europe and providers of fuel cards and for fuel billing, transport companies and customers, and the use of freight exchanges, bus companies and package tour operators as well as hotel and accommodation offers for guests and services for hotel operators.