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How to order the Green-Zones Fleet-App!

Which version is right for you?
The Green-Zones Fleet-App is available in three different versions. Click here to find out which version is suitable for which vehicle fleet and how do the versions differ from each other.

Which services do they include?
The services offered by the Green-Zones Fleet-App for fleet operators in Europe can be found in our web flyer, available here for download. A detailed description of our services can be found here.

Are you interested? Have you got any further questions?
If you have any further questions regarding the Green-Zones Fleet-App versions, please feel free to contact your responsible Key Account Manager by e-mail or Green-Zones directly by telephone.

How does the contract look like?If you are interested in the contractual terms or would like to place an order, our software license rental agreement is available here, including the description of our services (Annex 1).

How to order now?
If you want to place an order, please fill out the software license rental agreement by hand with the necessary data, sign it and send it as a scan to the Green-Zones Order Management.

When and how does it start?
As soon as Green-Zones receives the signed software license rental agreement, a customer number will be assigned to you and a countersigned copy of the agreement will be returned to you, together with the first annual invoice. Upon receipt of payment, the access data will be sent to you and you can download the Fleet-App from the Google Store/Apple Store, which will be immediately ready for use.

Are there any restrictions?
Please note that the contract start for the Fleet-App versions is only possible from 01.03.2019. The maps of the environmental zones of country group C, contained in the Enterprise version, are only available from 01.08.2019.