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Environmental zone Helsinborg - Sweden

The environmental zone of Helsinborg

The city of Helsinborg is located on the Swedish southwest coast of Scania, in the Skåne län province, and has a population of about 126,000. The 38 km² city has the second largest port in the country. Due to its location on the eastern shore of the Öresund, opposite Denmark, the city has a favourable strategic trade location.

The environmental zone of Helsinborg is already in force since 01.01.1996. It is bordered in the north by Hälsovägen and in the south by Bryggaregatan, Sturzen Beckers gata and Kristinegatan, in the west by Kajpromenaden, Järnvägsgatan and Malmöleden, and in the east by Stenbocksgatan and Södra Stenbocksgatan.

Further information can be obtained by clicking on the map on the left. Please refer to the table below to find out which driving restrictions apply to which types of vehicle at which times of the day and week in the environmental zone or use or Green-Zones app.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name of the environmental zone:
Environmental zone Helsinborg- Sweden
Date of entry into effect of the zone:
Type of environmental zone:
Permanent, 24 hours a day
Future driving bans:
Euro 5 ab dem Jahr 2021 bzw. 8 Jahre nach der 1. Zulassung
100 €
Area/extension of the environmental zone:
The environmental zone is bordered to the north by Hälsovägen and to the south by Bryggaregatan / Sturzen Beckers gata / Kristinegatan. To the west the environmental zone is bordered by the Kajpromenaden / Järnvägsgatan / Malmöleden and to the east by Stenbocksgatan / Södra Stenbocksgatan.