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Find your current status of access rights in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning (orange).
Find the current status of access rights to your desired environmental zone in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning for a driving ban (orange).

Environmental zone of Athens Small Ring - Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is located in the south of the country on the Mediterranean Sea and is the country’s most populated and largest city. Piraeus, the country’s main port, is just few kilometres from the city.

The urban area of Athens (Greater Athens) is divided into the regional districts of Athens Centre (87.3 km²), Athens North (138.79 km²), Athens South (68.9 km²), Athens West (66.8 km²) and Piraeus (50.4 km²) with almost 4 million inhabitants. The municipality of Athens in the centre of the metropolitan area is relatively small and counts only about 665,000 inhabitants.

As the cultural, political, historical and economic centre of the country, Athens is also the most important metropolis in Greece. There are several universities. The city is an industrial and commercial centre, but of course tourism is also an important source of income today. In 1985, Athens was declared the first European Capital of Culture. Two years later, in 1987, the Acropolis were inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Due to air pollution in Greater Athens, two environmental zones were established in the city as early as 1982. This is the environmental zone of the Small Ring, which covers approximately the city centre, and the environmental zone of the Big Ring, which covers almost the entire urban area of Athens. Each zone regulates differently which vehicles with which characteristics are allowed to enter and which not.

The environmental zone of Athens Small Ring is a permanent zone that comes into force at certain weekdays and times.
Vehicles weighing less than 2.2 t may only enter the environmental zone on even calendar days if they have an even number plate. Odd number plates are only permitted on odd calendar days. This rule does not apply for a period of about 10 weeks in the summer time, which is determined each year by the city administration.
Vehicles over 2.2 t are generally prohibited from entering, except during the approx. 10 weeks in the summertime.
The current status of access rights to the zone for the individual vehicle types, weekdays and times can only be viewed in the Green-Zones app.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name of the environmental zone:
Environmental zone Athen Small Ring – Greece
Date of entry into effect of the zone:
Type of environmental zone:
Permanent, 30.09.2019 - 17.07.2020, Monday - Thursday 07 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday 07 a.m.-3 p.m.
200 €
Area/extension of the environmental zone:
The roads that border the ring are viewed from above (north) clockwise:
Leof. Alexandras, Leof. Vas. Sofias, Messogeion, Michalakopoulou, Merkouri Spyrou, Vryaxidos, Ymittou, Ilia Iliou, Frantzi Am., Kallirrois, Tsaldari Pan., Hamosternas, Tsaldari Pan., Peiraios, Iera Odos, Leof. Konstantinoupoleos, Achilleos, Karolou, Marni.