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Apply for a registration for the LEZ Prague 1 and Prague 2 (red/blue zone)

Partial representation of a permit for the environmental zone Prague 2 (blue zone) for trucks < 6 t

Here you can apply for a registration in order to access the Czech environmental zone Prague 1 or Prague 2 for N2 and N3 trucks (Prague 1 > 3.5 t, Prague 2 > 6 t), provided that at least EURO class 4 can be proven. Trucks with EURO classes 0-3 cannot be registered and under no circumstances may enter the LEZ (Low Emission Zone).
Buses with EURO classes 4-6 can currently only register (for Prague 1) via a hotel. Green-Zones will offer a direct registration service at a later date.
In the environmental zone of Prague 2, buses can park in designated park areas for a fee.

The Czech authorities do not provide an automated registration or access permit for trucks.
Applications with all necessary information can be submitted using a form. In the case of the mandatory, exclusively personal collection of the permit on site (free of charge), open questions of the authority employees in Czech must be clarified. The route of the vehicle through the zone to its destination is partially or completely mandatory to the applicant and documented on the permit in the national language. Consultation hours are only possible a few hours a week.

For this reason, Green-Zones offers its customers a manual registration service based on the data in the form below. With its registration service, Green-Zones provides an access permit issued personally by the authorities. Depending on the type of application, a temporary access permit is issued for 8 calendar days or 365 calendar days. The authorisation provided by Green-Zones always refers to only one vehicle.

Registration/REG-CertificateThe authorisation will be sent electronically to the company, together with the purple registration certificate (REG-Certificate) for Czech environmental zones developed by Green-Zones.

The purple Czech REG-Certificate confirms to the company that the requested registration has been carried out and indicates in which period and for which environmental zone the access permit is valid. However, the Green-Zones REG-Certificate is not an official badge/vignette.

Application deadlines and pricesTo register for the LEZ Prague 1 or Prague 2, Green-Zones charges a registration fee of 489 euros (8-day period) and 749 euros (365-day period).
These prices result, among other things, from the applications submitted in the national language, personal communication with local government employees and the collection of the permit at the Ministry by employees of Green-Zones. All prices are net prices. All prices are net prices.

An application form must be submitted to Green-Zones at least one month before the first planned access to the zone, as the Czech authorities reserve a processing time of 4 weeks. For applicants who are unable to meet the above deadline, Green-Zones can provide a personal onsite registration service in Prague. An order can only be placed for trucks. Not for buses, not for cars.

  • For applications received by Green-Zones only 20-30 calendar days before the first planned access to the zone, an additional express surcharge of 390 euros will be levied.
  • For applications received by Green-Zones only 10-19 calendar days before the first planned access to the zone, an additional express surcharge of 590 euros will be levied.
  • For application forms received by Green-Zones less than 10 calendar days before the first planned access to the zone, a solution may be found after consultation and an individual price offer. There is no guarantee that the access permit will be issued on time.

Multiple application forms for registration for the same period (only for trucks)
A separate application form must be completed for each vehicle (license plate number). This also applies to trailers if they have their own license plate number. The above prices for registration apply to each license plate number. When applying for registrations for more than 10 vehicles/license plate numbers for the same period and with the same destination, please send us a message by e-mail. Then we carry out the registration for you, without you having to fill out the application form several times.

A fee-based application form for registration by Green-Zones can be obtained here.