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ZDK against diesel driving bans

Based on current measurement results, the German Association of Motor Trades and Repairs (ZDK) considers diesel driving bans to be disproportionate.

Who could have guessed it, one could now cynically say.  
The ZDK sees no reason to maintain diesel driving bans in places where measured values have improved.
"If nitrogen oxide readings at various known hotspots do not permanently decrease despite the traffic volume that has been significantly reduced for weeks, the diesel can no longer be made the scapegoat for this," explains ZDK President Jürgen Karpinski.
The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig already emphasised in a decision of 27 February 2018 that driving bans may only be installed if an examination shows "that traffic bans for diesel vehicles are the only suitable measures for complying with exceeded NOx limits as quickly as possible and that these measures are proportionate".
It was to be expected that the ZDK would now refer to better values. However, it was also to be expected that no agreement would be reached so quickly with, for example, the German Environmental Aid.